• We handle the process from start to finish and advise you along the way.
  • Never any out of pocket fees.
  • We on average double or triple offers. Even sometimes well exceeding those percentages.
  • Unlike a contractor or roofer, we use avenues within your policy to take a claim to a third party if we feel the claim is being underpaid.
  • We build our own estimate using the same software as the insurance company. Enabling us to get an “apples to apples” comparison of our estimate and the carrier’s estimate, which allows use to negotiate top dollar for your claim.

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A Few Types Of Claims We Handle For The Insured

Water Damage

From a simple leak under the sink, refrigerator or dishwasher leak, to a pipe break under the slab.  We handle all types of water damage to homes.  No water leak is too small to inquire about.  These claims must be handled urgently and the necessary steps should be taken to maximize this type of claim.

Wind/Hail/Interior Leaks

We handle roof claims for wind and hail damage. With these claims you DO NOT want to sign with a roofing company or contractor as they make you sign an Assignment of Benefits which gives them benefits of the claim. We also go after money not just for the roof but any interior damages that may be involved.


Straight forward and to the point, fires can cause dramatic damage to a home. Damage can occur not just from the flames but from the smoke too. These claims should be estimated using a fine tooth comb as to make sure every dollar is accounted for within the claim.

Why use Trust Public Adjusters We pride ourselves on good work as we know the importance of happy customers. We welcome you to see and ask about our results.